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Family Resource Centers
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School-linked and Accessible to the Community

The CVCC operates five school-based Family Resource Centers (FRCs), with each one providing a gateway to a full range of family- and youth-centered services. Services are available to all members of the community, regardless of their circumstances. A call or visit to one of the FRCs is all that is needed is to connect to the resources and opportunities that exist in the community (click here for contact info).

Click here to view FRC flyer.

Click here to view FRC flyer in Spanish.

Providing Quality Services to Almost 4,000 Families in 2011-2012

A summary of the work that the CVCC's network of five Family Resource Centers accomplished last year has been released. In 2011-2012, the CVCCs five Family Resource Centers (FRCs) continued to provide needed services to the most needy of Chula Vista and South Bay Families. CVCC connects families to needed services. FRCs work closely with over 60 schools in the Chula Vista Elementary and Sweetwater Union High School Districts to strengthen school families in support of the student/child in the District.

FRCs Assisted 3,781 families in the year. This is an increase of 34% from 2,820 families served in 2010-2011. In addition, families assisted required more services and more service visits.

Click here to download complete document with the details

Making a Referral

Please click on the link below to download the referral form. If you are unable to download, please contact our CVCC Administration Office at (619) 498-8044 or one of the five Family Resource Centers.

Complete the form, making sure the contact phone numbers and alternative numbers are correct, and fax to (619) 409-9410 or email to Also, please make sure BOTH parents are aware you are making the referral and let them know to expect a phone call from Barbara Lugo. Note: Barbara works Tue-Fri.

Click Here to download the REVISED 2013-14 Referral Form

Problems accessing the Referral Form?

Our webhost has preformed an upgrade on their system. As a result we have been getting complaints from schools being unable to access our forms. We apologise and are trying to resolve the problem. Please contact us at (619) 498-8044 to request a referral form. Thank you for your understanding. - CVCC Staff

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