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Collaborative Programs and Partnerships

Community Collaboratives

According to Merriam-Webster, a community is defined as a body of persons having common interests, and a collaborative is defined as a group of individuals working together, especially in an intellectual endeavor. Therefore, a community collaborative is a group of individuals (and organizations) working together toward a common interest. The common interest, within the collaborative, is improving and protecting the quality of life, and members pursue that interest by building capacity and reducing duplication of efforts. Typically, a collaborative includes stakeholders representing: school districts and schools; county, city and other government officials; hospitals and health service providers; social service agencies; faith community; local businesses, and; community residents. Working together on a shared vision allows members to make decisions that incorporate the collective wisdom and resources of the group and accurately reflect the needs of the community. Collaborative members meet on a regular basis to share information and resources and network. When collaborative members share the same concern or issue, subgroups or coalitions can form in order to combat that issue.

Links for those who want to learn more about community collaboratives:
Together We Can
Articles about collaboratives - from the National Child Welfare Resource Center

Focused Responses to Key Issues

When collaborative members encounter a gap in services or responsibility that corresponds to an important need of the community, they tend to come together to work toward a solution. This process has repeated itself several times in the history of the CVCC. The energy of collaborative members and the leadership of local service providers have fostered the establishment new services, issue-based planning efforts, and resident mobilization campaigns. The CVCC has responded to the need for after school activities, drug and alcohol issues, and homelessness. The CVCC has created and participated in programs to provide culturally appropriate health education. It has also worked with residents to establish a grassroots organization that promotes leadership development and community service.

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