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About the CVCC

About the CVCC

The Chula Vista Community Collaborative (CVCC) as noted in its name, works to ensure collaboration among partners and stakeholders in Chula Vista. CVCC draws together all sectors of the local community to develop coordinated strategies and systems that protect the health, safety, and wellness of residents. The role of CVCC is to work with partner organization in Chula Vista and the South Bay to share information and resources that strengthen families and communities. CVCC elevates the needs and voice of the community and works to ensure seamless access to needed services. CVCC facilitates/co-facilitates various issue based coalitions to increase awareness and address local issues and trend that impact families.

The CVCC acts as a platform from which to launch effective new initiatives to improve quality of life. The CVCC is the umbrella for a variety of programs and committees. The most notable infrastructure of the CVCC is the network of Family Resource Center that have been created and sustained through a collective effort.

The CVCC currently operates five Family Resource Centers (FRCs), with each one providing a gateway to a full range of family-strengthening services. Services are available to all members of the community, regardless of their circumstances. A call, visit, or a referral from school to one of the FRCs is all that is needed is to connect to the resources and opportunities that exist in the community. Services are provided on site or through partner referrals.

CVCC takes the labor out of Collaboration!

Who Should Participate?

  • Community Residents and Parents
  • Schools and School District Staff
  • Social Service/Non-profit Agencies
  • Local Government
  • Faith Community
  • Health Professionals
  • Business Owners
  • Anyone who wants to help build a vibrant community in Chula Vista

Reasons to Get Involved

  • To obtain and share information about services, resources, employment and training opportunities and events accessible to the Chula Vista community
  • To network and efficiently coordinate activities with local agencies
  • To hear about whats going on in the community and solve concerns together
  • To celebrate the assets of the community

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