In our efforts to draw together all sectors of the local community to develop coordinated strategies and systems that protect the wellness of Chula Vista residents, the CVCC provides a forum for effective collaboration and information sharing. In addition, service coordination through the Family Resource Centers benefits to partner organizations by providing linkage to services and referrals for families who access the FRCs.

It is the intent of CVCC to support local organizations seeking funding and opportunities to enhance services in the South Bay. In addition, CVCC seeks to serve as a conduit to link organizations in the region to maximize services and ensure a collaborative approach.

Letters of Support Requesting Process

CVCC is often asked to sign letters of support for local organizations. Below is the process to request letters of support from CVCC:

  1. Request for letters of support must be sent, in draft letter form, to the attention of the CVCC Director (Margarita Holguin) a minimum of one week before the letter is needed. This allows letters to be sent to the CVCC Steering Committee for approval.
  2. Letters of Support must be accompanied by the following: A description of the partnership with CVCC, including how the services will be made available to families accessing the Family Resource Centers.
    • A description of the grant being solicited
    • A summary of the services to be offered in the South Bay
    • A list of other organizations already providing the services (if known)
    • A list of organizations participating in the proposed services (collaboration)
    • If the services are already being provided in the South Bay, include a description of how services will be integrated to avoid duplication.

Please note: The CVCC Director may sign the letter of support for agencies that currently have an established partnership with the CVCC and currently collaborate and receive referrals from CVCC without Steering Committee meeting approval. 


For questions on Letters of Support please contact Margarita Holguin at (619) 427-2290 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.