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Chula Vista Community Collaborative

Vision: A healthy community of Chula Vista residents
Mission: Enhancing community partnerships to develop and implement coordinated strategies and systems for future generation


Latest Announcements:
San Diego Gas & Electric rates are here for full announcement
 Upcoming 2016 Day of the Child Community here for more information


Collaborative Strategies

Maximizing the effectivness of local organizations through collective planning and action

  • Facilitate information sharing
  • Innitiate collaborative activities to respond to community issues and facilitate co-location of services in community accessible locations
  • Build capacity among partner agencies
  • Leverage resources into the community

two women sitting face to face with a desk in between

Coordination of Services

Identify, promote, advocate and provide services that meet community needs

  • Provide comprehensive linkage to a full range of community servicesg
  • Utilize a family centered model for assessment and linkages
  • Advocate for/with families in relation to schools, providers and systems
  • Identify and work with provider agencies to fill gaps in services


Community Empowerment

Enhance community capacity through education, skill development and linkage to resources

  • Promote volunteerism and community service among residents
  • Promote community engagement
  • Raise public awareness about community conditions
  • Build community capacity through education and skill building